Change Required

Change is required now to avoid an outcome you will regret later. Stopping to consider whether our choices will take us in the right direction is important.
Biblical Example: Moses & Jethro (Exodus 18:13–24)
The choice to stop doing something not only changed his circumstances but also changed the story Moses would one day tell.

Many times you must let go of what you’re holding onto in order to receive what God is wanting to give to you.

Just like Moses changed one thing and dramatically altered his story for the better, you can change one thing that will start you on the journey toward a better, God-honoring story. What does God want you to want? Based on on what God wants you to want, what does God want you to change?

You cannot stay the same and expect a different outcome. Change is required.

It’s always a good idea to keep your heart prepared for change. Because it happens to us all: a new step of faith, a new venture, a new opportunity. You’ll face something new or different, maybe something you didn’t see coming. You can’t avoid change. God may have planted a restless desire in you to serve him in some surprising way. Sometimes the best decision you can make is to go, even when it would be easier just to stay where you are.
Biblical Example: Abraham (Genesis 12:1-4)
It may seem obvious, but to go somewhere else, you have to leave where you are. To go somewhere else, you have to leave what’s known, what’s comfortable, what’s predictable, and what’s easy.

To step toward your destiny, you might have to step away from your security.

God’s promises are His assurances that He will be with you and He will finish what He started in your life.
If you don’t have the faith to go, if you let your fear keep you where you are, you won’t know the blessings you’re missing. And you sure don’t want to miss out on what He’s doing. You have to step out to find out.
Why are those steps of faith so hard, especially at first? Fear. Insecurity. Not sure how it’s going to work out. But those are just excuses. The bottom line is you don’t have faith. See Hebrews 11:6. You don’t have to have the faith to finish; you only have to have enough faith to start. You need only enough faith for one step: that very first one. But change is required.