Cultivate the Soil of Your Soul

Read: Mark 4:1-12
See Isaiah 6:8–10.
As in Isaiah’s day, the crowds and leaders are continually seeing and hearing the truths in Jesus, but because of their hardened hearts they can never perceive the reality of the kingdom in him.
But the disciples came as open-hearted individuals wanting to hear, see and obey. So they press for clarity.
Read: Mark 4:13
Parables, in their spiritual function, are more like riddles or puzzles than easy illustrations. They can be understood by those who have the right “key.”
If you miss the key, you miss the whole parable. You can only understand it by understanding the key: The sower sows the word.
Read: Mark 4:14-20. The seed is the gospel truth, the message about the Word. The soils then describe the ways people respond to these gospel truths. The four soils refer to the groups that Jesus has challenged: the leaders (the hard-packed road), the crowds (the rocky and the thorny soils), and the disciples (the fruitful soil).
In both the parable and its interpretation the four kinds of soil are central.
Jesus is asking, “Which kind of soil are you?

Cultivate the soil of your soul so that the Word of God bears fruit in your life.

1) Break up the hardened ground.
2) Break through the obstacles.
3) Weed out the competition.
4) Let the Word take root AND bear fruit.