I’m Invited

Your sins do not disqualify you from God’s invitation to experience His love and grace.

In fact, God’s love and grace invites you to come to Him to be set free from your sin through His Son, Jesus Christ. God extends grace through his love precisely because of our sin. You could even say that the awareness of your sins is what makes you eligible for God’s grace.

The invitation to come to Jesus is universal and unconditional.

Read: Luke 19:1-10. This is the only instance in the four Gospels of Jesus inviting Himself to someone’s home. Of all the people in Jericho that Jesus could have spent the day with, why Zacchaeus? Because this is exactly why Jesus came. He came for the sinners.
Salvation came to Zacchaeus, not because he did good deeds, but because he truly believed in Jesus and set aside anything that might get in the way of obeying him. This was his appropriate response to choosing to follow Jesus. It was the evidence of a changed life.
It was also a wonderful example of Jesus’ mission. In fact, this story of the salvation of Zacchaeus gives us the context for one of Jesus’ declaration of His personal mission statement (Luke 19:10).
What is a key qualifier for your salvation? It is being lost and recognizing your lostness, and a desire not to say that way anymore!

The invitation to come to Jesus requires a response.

Invitations are meant to be acted upon — they generally require a response. In fact, most invitations request an RSVP (répondez s’il vous plaît = please respond). All throughout Jesus ministry he was extending invitations for people to follow him, believe in Him, trust in Him. But the invitation needs a response. See Luke 14:16–24. The invitation doesn’t guarantee your salvation. You must RSVP.

The invitation to come to Jesus needs to be shared with others.

See Luke 14:23. It has been said that within two years of becoming a Christian, the average person has already lost the significant relationships he once had with people outside the faith. This means that most Christians will tend to have close friends that are also Christian. Which means we need to be more intentional to share this invitation with those who actually need to hear it. See Romans 10:13-15.