Open Your Heart

Pneuma is the Greek word most commonly used in the NT for the Spirit. The word pneuma means wind, breath, spirit.
The apex of Christ’s work was to send the Holy Spirit to dwell in the heart of everyone who believes. For the Spirit takes Christ’s work on the cross and through the Resurrection and brings that work to bear upon our lives. Thus He completes His work of salvation in our lives. See Titus 3:4-7.

Christianity is meant to be a life fully surrendered and dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

See Acts 1:3-5, 8. The testimony of early Christians was that God’s people proclaimed the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and confirmed it with holy lives.
So dramatic was the coming of the Spirit upon the apostles that their enemies couldn’t deny the power and wisdom they displayed. See Acts 4:13. The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of the early Christians caused the watching world to be astonished.
Everything we read about the church in the New Testament centered on the power of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of Christian believers. Sadly, for many of us, this has not been our experience. Take a moment and ask yourself this question: When was the last time I undeniably saw the Spirit at work in or around me?

The degree to which believers have ignored the Holy Spirit is directly connected to the dissatisfaction they feel with their Christian life.

Are you experiencing the spiritual doldrums? Does it feel like there is no wind in your sails? You can prepare everything in your life to go forward with God, but without the wind of the Spirit, there’s no movement. Without the Spirit’s power, we can’t follow God and experience life to its fullest. Do you need some wind in your sails? Invite the Spirit to breathe new life into your soul. See Acts 2:1-2.

Open your heart and allow the wind of Spirit to breathe upon your stalled-out soul to set your spiritual life in motion.

Read John 7:37-39; Zechariah 14:8. Every day during this feast, except for the last day, a priest stood in front of the temple with a golden pitcher of water and poured the water on a rock. This commemorated the water flowing out of the rock that gave the Israelites water to drink. In this illustration, Jesus is comparing Himself to the rock from which the water came to quench the thirst of the wandering Israelite nation (Exodus 17). See 1 Corinthians 10:3-4.

Jesus is declaring to the nation of Israel that He can satisfy their spiritual thirst. That He will pour out the Holy Spirit upon their thirsty souls. Jesus was foretelling the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which would come on the day of Pentecost following his death and resurrection.
See Acts 2:17. Gift of the Spirit had been poured out…like water. Are you in a spiritual drought today? Do you need the living water to be poured out into your life?

For those living in a spiritual drought, open your hearts to the life-giving water of the Spirit.