Our Guide


The Holy Spirit is our Guide who will lead us into God’s will and purposes for us.

Jesus is our example of what life in the Spirit looks like. He was led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. See Matthew 4:1. That is why he could assure His followers that the Holy Spirit would help them in the same manner. See John 16:13-15.

Jesus doesn’t promise that the Holy Spirit will control us. He says He will guide us.

We never lose our ability to choose to follow His leading. As a result, we are always responsible for our words and actions. But the Spirit will help us and guide us.
Read: Ephesians 5:18; 15-17. In ancient greek religions high value was placed on ecstatic mood. It was thought that people could approach God only as they were drawn out of themselves in a state of ecstasy. Exciting music, dancing, and intoxication were employed to produce their ecstasy. But God is a God of order, not a God of ecstatic frenzy. We don’t determine God’s will through indulgences in the flesh or from anything this world has to offer.
To be “filled with the Spirit” means to be constantly influenced by the Spirit in our mind, emotions, and will. Paul’s point is that the Holy Spirit is the influence motivating and directing the lives of believers. See Romans 8:5-6, 9, 14-16.
Parents, you want your children to know right from wrong, correct? You want them to know your will and to follow it, right? Yes! So what do we do? We lead and guide them into right living through instruction, discipline, and example. The same principle applies to our spiritual life — a life in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Guide who will lead us into God’s will and purposes for us.
The guiding of the Holy Spirit is a prevalent theme in the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit guides, speaks, or directs at least 30 times throughout Acts (Acts 5; 6; 8:29; 10:19-20; 11:12; 13:2-4; 15:28-29; 16:8-10; 16:13-15; 20:22-23; 21:10-14).
In the examples given above, we see the Holy Spirit guides through…
  • Discernment and insight
  • Giving wisdom and persuasive words
  • An inward compelling-voice to act
  • A courageous and bold witness for Christ
  • A spoken word in a worship gathering
  • An inner peace and assurance
  • Dreams and visions
  • Open doors and circumstances
  • Closed doors and prohibition
  • Spiritual leaders
  • Spiritual disciplines
The Apostles thought of their whole ministry as led by the Spirit. Yet, even in this extreme dependence, they never reduced the Spirit’s activity in their lives to some formula. They grounded themselves in the Word, obeyed Jesus’ general commands, and looked to the Spirit to lead them.
Regarding the guidance of the Spirit, Scripture gives us a basic pattern, but not a detailed prescription; a general model, but not a precise formula. We know that the Spirit leads and guides and acts in line with the Scriptures that God has already inspired. Yet he also sometimes “influences” us in unexpected ways to give us specific guidance, strength, or insight at particular times.
The precise nature of this “influence” we can never script, demand, predict, or even anticipate. It is like the wind (as Jesus said in John 3). The most that we can say is that it will never contradict, violate, or diminish the Word he already has given to us. Reducing the Spirit’s activity to a formula will likely cause you to miss when he actually does move.
The Holy Spirit lives with me. He doesn’t need my ears. What He needs is a listening heart and a renewed mind.
The Christian life is something you do with God, not for God. He works through you, He guides you, He speaks to you. Jesus did not merely issue an assignment; he invites us into a relationship.
The Holy Spirit is our Guide who will lead us into God’s will and purposes for us. See 1 Corinthians 2:10-12.