Take Courage

Divine Power + Divine Compassion = Daily Courage

(Mark 6:45-46) John’s account of the miraculous feeding of the 5,000 gives us the reason Jesus had his disciples quickly leave for across the sea and why he went up on the mountain to pray. See John 6:14-15. Jesus had come to be their spiritual Savior. But they wanted to crown him King and force Him to become their physical, national Savior.
We will always be tempted to pursue the temporal fix over the true eternal solution. It takes courage to stay true to God’s plan for your life.

Prayer fuels the courage we need to keep us in line with God’s purpose for our lives.

(Mark 6:47–48a) Jesus saw them straining as they rowed. There are times that Jesus will take you where you haven’t intended to go in order to produce in you something you could not achieve on your own.
(Mark 6:48b) Why did Jesus walk to them on the water? He walked in order to be present with them in the storm. But there’s another reason. Treading the waves is something that only God can do (Job 9:8; Isa. 43:16; 51:10). Jesus walking on the sea was an unmistakable picture of his identity and power.
(Mark 6:48b–50a ) Jesus passed by in an attempt to show himself, Son of God, walking on the storm to save them; trodding underfoot the very thing that was working against them. He did this with the intention to change their perspective and reassure them that they are never alone.
(Mark 6:50b) The reason they could take courage wasn’t just because he said the words. They could take courage because Jesus is “I AM.” This name encompasses all his divine attributes and empowers all his promises. The “I AM” of Christ means He is present and active in this moment — NOW!
Fear is a normal reaction to something beyond our power or control. Jesus’ presence is cause for courage which is the ability or strength to act in the face of your fear.
Courage is never exercised if we avoid our fears. Do you lack courage today? Perhaps it is time to face your fears, knowing Christ is with you to give you courage.

Christ’s presence produces courage in the midst of our struggles and fears.

(Mark 6:51–56) Amazement is not the same as faith. Amazement is an activity of the brain. Amazement is being taken beyond the categories you have to explain or define something. Faith is an activity of the heart that involves the mind. A commitment of the heart to a reality that changes the way you live your life. Which are you living by?
Hardness and blindness often characterize us when we center on the situation rather than on Jesus. How can they still be so hardened? Having a hard heart or being hardened means being resistance to change, inflexible, unmoving.
I can take courage because the great “I AM” is with me at all times. See Deuteronomy 31:6.