The Start of Something New

The first day of 2020 lies before you. Do you see a repeat of 2019? Or do you see a fresh batch of 365 days in which you can try something new, take a risk, make a difference, live with purpose and intention?
Here’s something I know. God is already in 2020. He’s already at work in the possibilities, potentials, purposes and, yes, problems that await you in 2020.
In essence, God is inviting you to join Him in 2020. Will you accept His invitation? Or will you try to pilot yourself through the New Year? See Isaiah 48:17; Jeremiah 10:23.
Accepting God’s invitation into the plans He has for you in 2020 will require intention and action.

Living without God-led intention in 2020 can lead to unintended destinations.

See Proverbs 5:6.
Every day, all day, all week, all month, all year we make one small choice after another. And those choices just keep accumulating, each one written into the rest, forming the manuscript that is our life story.
If today’s story is not the story you want at the close of 2020, you will need to review what got you here today. Then prayerfully consider what needs to change, move your intention into action, and write a different chapter.

It’s the small choices no one sees that result in the big differences everyone wants to see.

Biblical Example: David Defeating the Philistines (1 Chronicles 14:8–17)
If you want to take aim at the life story God wants you to tell, you have to submit to His Spirit and make small, life-changing choices and then act on them daily. The best decision you can make is always the next one.
Each decision should move you closer to becoming all that God made you to be, to turn your life in the direction of a story you’ll be happy to share AND that honors God.
Your story is not over. It’s not too late to change the story that you’ll tell one day. Even though you may not like the plot so far, with God’s help, you can transform your story into one you’re not ashamed to share.
While past events cannot be unwritten, they can be redeemed. You can’t change your past, but God can help you rewrite your story and change your future.
See Zechariah 4:10.Behind every great story there’s always another smaller story. Rarely does success come without time, discipline, and hard work. If you’ll open your heart, I believe God will gently lead you, step by step, decision by decision, perhaps not to the life you’ve always wanted but to the life that he’s always wanted for you.
The best way to find a meaningful framework for your story is to pursue an eternal perspective.
What story do you think God wants you to tell about your life? When you look into 2020, where do you think God wants you to be?
See Psalm 25:12, 14.
A small decision today could change your near future. What discipline do you need to start practicing to head toward where God wants you to get? Just one thing. What is one new thing that you need to start this year?
See 1 Kings 20:13–14. If we want to see what God will accomplish, we have to move toward him. God will finish it, but you have to start it.
So what’s your one thing? What one discipline do you need to start so that you can write the story God wants you to write? See Proverbs 16:3.