Bring your family to Neighborhood Church on Monday, August 26th, from 6PM to 7:30PM for a fun evening together. We will have dinner, family relay games, ice cream bar and prizes.
Have your family decide on a team color or theme and dress accordingly. Come ready to play games together as a family, cheer each other on and have fun. 


On Sunday, September 8, during both morning services our special guest will be international speaker and author, Jay Seegert. Jay holds degrees in both physics and engineering technology and is the founder and managing director for The Starting Point Project, which helps strengthen the Christian’s faith, so they are more confident in what they believe.
Jay has been speaking on the Authority of Scripture for over 30 years. Topics he will be addressing include a defense of the Christian worldview, including science and the Bible and the creation vs. evolution controversy.
We will be adding a special evening gathering at 6 PM for another session with Jay.